Cisco Mobility Express + CMX Cloud Promotion: License Activation Guidelines

Cisco has announced limited availability of CMX Cloud 1Yr licenses along with purchase of Mobility Express as a promotion. 

Here are the instructions to order, provision and use CMX Cloud as part of this offer. Please note that this process is unique to this offer. 

Step1: Buy Mobility Express Access Points with CMX Cloud 

  • Choose Mobility Express AIR-APX802-X-K9C
  • Choose the Mobility Express Software
  • CMX Cloud Promotion shows up as AIR-CMX-CLD-CPA-1Y
  • Customer gets a PAK# as paper license in each AP box

Example Below: 

Step2: Convert PAK to CMX Cloud Activation 

  • Customer goes to the Cisco License Registration portal and registers the PAK provided in each Branch.

  • Very important to provide correct email of the end customer admin. This is the person who will manage, operate the services. The service will be enabled against this email so choose this owner carefully.

  • Upon submission, acknowledgement email is sent and CMX Cloud is notified

  • Note: If you have more than one PAK, please use the same email to simply add additional licenses on the same account. Also, you can open a case with Cisco Licensing team if you want to combine multiple PAKs into one.



  • CMX Cloud is provisioned against provided email address and activation email sent.
  • Start date = license registration date. End Date = Start Date + 1 Year
  • For additional PAK requests to the same email address, quantity is updated but End Date is same as original End Date established first time. Hence it is recommended to activate entire deployment together to take full advantage of the promotion.


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