How to create Facebook App?

Step 1 Login to CMX Cloud >> Go to Connect and Engage Portal >> Library >> Templates >> Click on Social Login form.



Step 2 Select the "Social Login" element of the custom portal, give a name to the portal.

Step 3 In the Social Login element of the custom portal, uncheck other social platforms and check only Facebook, click on the link () icon to the right of Facebook to go to the associated developer website.

Step 4 Log in to Facebook with your username and password.
Step 5 Click on Create a New App button.


Step 6 From the Choose a Category drop-down list, choose a category for the new application, and then click the Create App ID button. 

Step 7 This will take you to the Product Setup page, In the Products section you will see +Add Product.

Step 8 Click on +Add Product and then Click on Get Started button in the Facebook Login box, as shown on screenshot below.

Step 9 Add valid OAuth redirect URIs which will be same URL as you have entered in the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), under WLANs >> Security >> Layer 3 >> redirect URL (https://<TLD> in the Site URL field.

Step 10 Click on Save Changes

Step 11 Click on Review in the left navigation pane, and click the Yes/No slider to make the app available to the general public.

Step 12 Click on Confirm button. 

Step 13 Click on Start a Submission button in the Submit items for Approval, If you want to collect information such as first name, last name, friend list, submit those items for approval by Facebook.

Step 14 Go to the CMX Cloud, custom portal and click Create New, add the App name, paste the App ID information that you generated using the preceding steps.

Step 15 Assign the App ID created from above steps to the custom portal created and Click Save.

Step 16 Assign the custom portal to any site under Connect and Engage >> Connect Experiences.



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