Which ports need to be open for CMX Cloud setup?

Communication between CMX cloud and WLC 8.2

  • WLC 8.2 sends the NMSP data to CMX proxy, CMX proxy converts the message from WLC to HTTPS for transport to CMX instance on the Cloud Portal.
  • Traffic from CMX Proxy to cloud is on HTTPS.
  • Protocols used by CMX proxy:
  1. NMSP – from receiving data from WLC to CMX Proxy
  2. SNMP – For requesting data from Controller

      Note: Ensure SNMP (161) and NMSP (16113) ports are open on both Controller and CMX Proxy. 

Communication between CMX cloud and WLC 8.3

WLC 8.3 have an inbuilt proxy installed on it, it sends HTTPS data directly to the cloud.

Ports: No ports need to open as all the data is getting send through HTTPS POST to CMX Cloud.

Changes in Firewall: No changes in firewall needed as data is getting send directly from controller to cloud.


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