CMX Cloud Data Center Post Migration, October 23, 2016

What changed during migration?

IP addresses of has changed. The Old and New IP addresses are listed below.

Old IP Addresses


New IP Addresses


Old IP Addresses


New IP Addresses



What actions do I need to take post migration?

Action #1 Check Pre-migration actions

Check if you already performed pre-migration actions listed here. If you have not done so then please do it now.

Action #2 WLC Changes

CMX Connect on Mobility Express:

  • Edit
    • Log in to CMX Mobility Express and go to Wireless Settings.
    • Select wlan created for CMX Connect ('WLANs' in the example below).
    • Click on edit icon.
    • Click on apply without making any changes. This action will trigger ME to create new ACL Configuration with new IP addresses.


  • Verify
    • Execute 'show wlan summary'. Note down the WLAN-id to execute next command.
    • Execute 'show wlan <WLAN-id>'. Note down the ACL name to execute the next command.
    • Execute 'show flexconnect acl detailed <name-of-the-ACL>'.
    • Verify that the new IP addresses for are listed in the ACL.

CMX Connect and CMX Presence on 8.3 WLC:

You need to perform this change only if you specified IP Address in CMX Cloud Service configuration in your WLC as shown below. Replace the IP address with one of the new IP Addresses for

config cloud-services server url


Use DNS server configuration instead of IP address.

config network dns <dns-server-ip>
config cloud-services cmx disable
config cloud-services server url
config cloud-services cmx enable

When should I make changes?


How do I verify if CMX Services are working?

CMX Connect Verification

  1. Make sure above Actions are performed if applicable
  2. On your mobile device check if connect portal is served when you join the SSID for which CMX Connect is configured.


CMX Presence Verification

  1. Make sure above Actions are performed if applicable
  2. Check the connection on WLC.
    1. Execute 'show cloud-services cmx summary' and verify that connection is UP and using one of the New IP addresses.
    2. Execute 'show nmsp statistics connection' and verify that message count is greater than zero for at least one of the subscription.



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