Communication Flow between CMX proxy – WLC - CMX Cloud

WLC 8.2 and Below

Communication Flow between CMX proxy –WLC—Cloud


  • WLC sends the NMSP data to CMX proxy, CMX proxy converts the message from WLC to HTTPS for transport to CMX instance on the Cloud Portal.
  • Traffic from CMX Proxy to cloud is all HTTPS ports to Internet Address.
  • Protocols used by CMX proxy:
  1. NMSP – from receiving data from WLC to CMX Proxy
  2. SNMP – For requesting data from Controller
  • Data sent from CMX Proxy to CMX Cloud over HTTPS is
  1. Client Association Events
  2. Connected Client Packet Count
  3. RSSI for Detected and Connected Client

      Note: Ensure SNMP (161) and NMSP (16113) ports are open on both Controller and CMX Proxy.


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