Mobility Express 8.3 Presence setup troubleshooting

When we get "Failed to configure ACLs required to connect to CMX server" error on ME 8.3 GUI, this issue we are getting because DNS is not configured on ME 8.3 Controller.



As mentioned in the screenshot if above error is displayed on ME 8.3 GUI then please follow the below steps for Troubleshooting


  • First, check whether DNS is configured on ME 8.3 by using below command -

 test dns url <url>


Ex: test dns url <>

If you get the IP for provided test URL (URL resolves to IP) then DNS is configured and if not the we need to configure DNS.

  •  To configure DNS run below command -

config network dns <ip>

Ex:config network dns <>

Note : Get the DNS IP according to your network.

  • To check whether DNS is configured or not use below command -

show network summary


For more details Please reach us at 

Cisco CMX Cloud Support Team 

Send mail to:

Raise a Ticket at

Call 24*7 at 1(877)-330-9746 




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