Mac Filtering

Without Mac filtering, a client device needs to trigger HTTP request for web-auth passthrough redirection to obtain WiFi access. Even for repeated client, it needs to either trigger Captive portal browser or manually open a browser and initiate an HTTP request. With Mac filtering feature, for the first time client, it needs to open a browser to initiate HTTP request. But for repeated client, since this device MAC is in CMX database already, CMX will grand access to WLC for this MAC. Therefore for repeated client, it obtain WiFi access and client can use App accessing internet immediately without opening browser.

Enabling Mac filtering feature needs below steps:
1. install CMX AAA-Lite which is bounded with NMSP proxy OVA. Detailed steps please refer AAA-Lite installation guide
2. configure SSID layer2 and layer3, configure AAA server pointing to CMX AAA-Lite

Please visit Mac Filtering Configuration guide for detailed steps

Setup and Config Steps for Mac Filtering




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