Cisco CMX Connect (Jun 22, 2016)

Client IP Address

As an administrator, you can now include client IP addresses in various reports (such as CSV file, search results, and API responses). You must install NMSP proxy to obtain client IP addresses.

Connect Vouchers

CMX Connect provides a new authentication path through CMX Connect Vouchers. Using a voucher, you can authenticate through the WiFi and have the same seamless experience as with any other authentication model.

As an administrator, you can generate up to 100 unique voucher keys at one time. You can email or print the set of vouchers and distribute for use. Each CMX Connect Voucher key can only be used once. After the Voucher key is used, it becomes invalid. You can also specify a valid date range when a voucher is initially created.

In addition, a new user role, called ConnectLobbyAdmin, has been added to CMX Connect. This user type is bound and is limited to only creating, printing, and emailing CMX Connect Vouchers.

To access this feature, select Settings > Voucher Generation.

External Web Authentication

From CMX Connect, you can now authenticate through an external AAA server. You can design your portal to require guests to provide their web-authentication credentials (such as a username and password). CMX Connect then instructs the Cisco WLC to use the submitted credentials to authenticate your client.

Note: Use Cisco CMX Connect to configure web portals. Use the Cisco WLC, not Cisco CMX Connect, to configure and manage web authentication. CMX Connect will not be able to determine the success of authentication on the Cisco WLC, the status on the CMX client CSV, or the accuracy of the API results. In addition, the portal frequency setting does not apply to this authentication flow.

To access this feature, select Library > Template > Web Auth Form.

To configure the Cisco WLC, see the "Setup Controller with External Web-Authentication" section in the Cisco WLC configuration guide.

Login Portal Frequency

As an administrator, you can now configure how often your visitors see the login portal, including reaccepting the Terms & Conditions, within a given interval.

By default, after 180 days the portal will be displayed to your repeated visitors. If you set the interval to 0, the portal will be displayed to visitors each time.

To access this feature, select Connect > Setting > Connect Settings > Visitor: Portal Frequency.

Sponsor Portal

As an administrator, you can use the Sponsor Portal feature to require guests to provide their sponsor's email address when requesting WiFi access. An approval link would be sent to the sponsor. After approval from the sponsor is received, the guest is authenticated through the WiFi.


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