Is CMX Cloud supported on Cisco Meraki?

Yes, CMX Cloud is supported on Cisco Meraki.


The Cisco Meraki Access Points have co-existed with other Cisco Access Points at the infrastructure level. With this feature, the Cisco Meraki Access Points are integrated with the Cisco CMX Cloud experience.  A user accessing the Guest Wi-Fi of a business space now has an integrated and seamless experience regardless of access points in the network.  The guest users are redirected to a unified splash page, and are provided with a unified experience with respect to access duration and per-site customization.

Supported Features:

  • CMX Cloud Connect supports this integration. 
  • CMX Cloud Connect is the guest Wi-Fi portal that manages the guest user experience. 
  • CMX Cloud Connect defines the splash page that is displayed when a user tries to login to the Guest Wi-Fi, and controls the duration for which a user can access the guest Wi-Fi (access duration). 
  • CMX Cloud Connect portal experience of per site customization is supported. 
  • Bandwidth allocated to a user is defined by Cisco Meraki, and it can be defined by the authentication credentials of the users.  For example, a professor of a university can be allocated greater bandwidth than a student. 
  • The user can have passthrough experience without authentication using the Meraki Click-through mode. 
  • The user can also be authenticated against a RADIUS server (External Web Authentication)
  • DNA-ready infrastructure supports Cisco Meraki.


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