Cisco CMX Cloud Application APIs

CMXCloud is a great way to start using CMX with very little overhead.

However, the reports may not provide exactly what you are looking for, as an alternative, you can use the APIs.

Here is the quick start guide for using the API.


First you should login into and your site. 

Once you have logged in with a different Chrome TAB, your browser will give you the authentication token required to get the SITEID.


Then use this API to get the site ID.



Here is the output you will get….


[{"changedOn":0,"aesUId":1487056035936,"name":"PSL NOC","description":null,"aps":[],"rssiThresholdLow":-95,"rssiThresholdHigh":-65,"examinePeriod":900000,"minDuration":300000,"tags":null,"apCount":3,"timezone":"Asia/Kolkata","aesUidString":"1487056035936","tagList":null,"address":"Nagpur","latitude":0.0,"longitude":0.0,"applyExclusion":false,"exclusionParams":null,"currentTime":"Feb 28, 2017 3:37:50 PM","objectVersion":0},{"changedOn":0,"aesUId":1487260407843,"name":"NOC","description":null,"aps":[],"rssiThresholdLow":-95,"rssiThresholdHigh":-65,"examinePeriod":900000,"minDuration":300000,"tags":null,"apCount":1,"timezone":"Asia/Kolkata","aesUidString":"1487260407843","tagList":null,"address":"Nagpur","latitude":0.0,"longitude":0.0,"applyExclusion":false,"exclusionParams":null,"currentTime":"Feb 28, 2017 3:37:50 PM","objectVersion":0}]


The aesUId is the SITEID that you should use... 



(Note: Make sure you use siteId (case is important).  siteid or siteID will NOT work.

Use siteId=XXXX..


This gives you the data you requested: 


 You can see how this matches what is shown on the GUI…(ie Total Connected = 1334)


To get a full list of the ANALYTICS API  that are usable, you can look at the following sandbox instances.


Generally, there are seven types of APIs.



Connect API are used to get information about the clients that have used the CONNECT Splash page.


Cisco CMX Location APIs are not supported on Cisco CMX Cloud.


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