CMX Cloud - User Roles

This document describes the various roles that were available and few newly introduced roles in CMX Cloud Setup and explains their work area/permissions.

  • Please note that Is New field is there to help differentiate between the old roles and newly introduced ones.
  • Admin and Read Only roles are the ONLY two roles that cannot be combined with any other roles. For Eg. A user can only be an admin OR can be a Read Only. These two roles cannot be combined nor combined with other vertical.

 As per the image above, there are three verticals and it's various roles in each verticals.

Roles Is New Description
Admin N This role has RW access to all the apps and Manage tabs in CMX Cloud.
Read Only N This role has RO access to all apps. No access to Manage tab.
Manage N It has RW access to the Manage tab and does not have access to any other app (Presence Analytics and Connect & Engage) It does NOT have access to Users tab in Manage.
Analytics N This Role has RW access to Presence app only

Analytics Read Only

Y This Role has RO access to Presence app only
Connect N This Role has RW access to Connect & Engage only
ConnectExperience N It has limit access to dashboard (unable to change the Location and no access to search along with other limitations) and RW access to Connect Experience.
ConnectLobbyAdmin N It has only access to Voucher Generation
Connect Read Only Y

It has RO access only to Connect & Engage dashboard


**Please note that BLE Manager roles are not covered here.


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