Global Re-direct URL Configuration

Many customers have reported errors related to Success Page. Either the success page on the portal is skipped or it is completely not visible as the CMX directly getting connected to the internet.


To get workaround towards this problem, we have made some changes on the controller in our test lab to make the success page visible on devices and also performed successful testing.

Please find the complete steps below with screenshots for a better understanding.

To establish a connection with WLC and CMX Cloud Connect, configurations are made in WLC so as to get the portal visible on the cloud.

Step 1:

Head towards the controller “Monitor Page”. Navigate to “Security Tab” as shown in the screenshot.


Step 2:

Once the security page is opened, Go to “WebAuth > Web Login Page” as shown in the screenshot. “Web Login Page” contains the details of the redirection portal which we get after the successful connection of CMX. Please find the screenshot as below.


Step 3:

Under “Web Login Page” as per the screenshot below, three options can be seen –

  1. Web Authentication type.
  2. Redirect URL after Login.
  3. External WebAuth URL.

Please make sure that “Redirection URL after login” should be blank.



Do not enter any URL in Redirect URL after Login” as this parameter takes precedence over the success page in CMX Cloud, results the skipping of success page.

 Step 4:

 Set “Web Authentication Type” as Internal and settings can be made as per the below screenshot.



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