What's New in CMX Cloud

What's New
May 5, 2017 Introducing Rules for Customizing User Experience

You can configure rules to modify the experience of a user while accessing your network. 

For more information, see Customized User Experience Using Rules.

 Apr 25, 2017 New Gender Widget is available on Connect Dashboard

Cisco CMX Cloud customers can now configure the collection of Gender information from their WiFi users

For more information click here

 Mar 23, 2017 New Device Type widget is available

 The Device Type Widget displays the number of devices that log in during a certain period on the Connect dashboard

For more information click here

 Feb 3, 2017 Creating Optional Elements in a Login Portal (Opt In)

 You can create optional elements in a login portal. These optional elements are enabled only if a visitor chooses to enter additional information or perform certain actions.

For more information click here

 Jan 5, 2017

Integrating Cisco Meraki with Cisco CMX Presence






Presence Northbound Notifications

Now CMX Cloud offer integration of Cisco Meraki CMX API into Cisco CMX Presence Analytics.  As Cisco Meraki supports CMX APIs, Cisco Meraki sends PUSH notifications to Cisco CMX Cloud with information about wireless clients.  Cisco CMX Cloud user can have identical, unified Presence analytic view across OnPrem (Aironet) and Cloud-based (Meraki) Architecture.

Click here for more information.

Presence notification provides Rule-based Push notification that can send various conditional events, based on a change of presence status of client device.

Customer can build their own custom dashboards, report or engagement using push notification message. For instance, network admin can build and add custom dashboard widget that display the most popular site of the business zone.

Click here to get ore more detail

Nov 17, 2016   

Scalability Enhancement


Added time zone support in AP/Site import







Auto learning of access points


CMX Cloud Service scalability is enhanced by optimizing backend database architecture

Site has a time zone which is important in aggregation and presence the data. Before this feature, user needs to manually add time-zone for each site. this feature does not introduce any new user interface or option to learn.


CMX Cloud will automatically learn available APs from registered WLC. Customer can easily create and configure sites and assign access points without manually searching AP MAC addresses from WLC Command line interface like previous. This feature requires Cisco Wireless Controller v8.3 with CMX Cloud connector (WLC-embedded CMX proxy) code.  For Customer who is using WLC v8.2 and below, still can use external CMX Proxy to auto learn AP list. External CMX Proxy-based auto learning will provide additional information such as display name, IP address of AP.


New Social ID Login methods are added - Twitter and LinkedIn

 You can now allow users to authenticate themselves at your Guest Portals using their LinkedIn and Twitter  accounts (in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare).  The workflow is as given below:

  • Configure the Social Login Template to include the new Apps.
  • Add the Social Login Template to the Guest Portal. 
  • Create an application on the respective developer page of LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Collect the necessary details as listed below for configuration of the App on Cisco CMX Cloud. Refer to the respective Developer Sections at the end of the article for further information.
    • Twitter (Consumer Key, Consumer Secret)
    • LinkedIn (Client ID, Client Secret)
  • Add an ACL on Cisco WLC to permit data exchange with LinkedIn and Twitter Public APIs.

For more information, see here.

Added Portal display policy upon visiting new site Control Splash Portal behavior when same guest user visited multiple sites.

By default, when guest first visited a site, guest will get redirected to configured Web portal.
then for any subsequent visit to same or other site, Web redirection will not happen.

This new feature allow option to turn on Web redirection per site level so each site will serve
portal page independently, regardless of guest user had a record of visiting another site or not.

 SSID Based Portals  

CMX Connect provides a new feature allowing a new way to manage and configure CMX Connect guest portals. As an administrator, you can now configure portals, Facebook Wifi, policy, and redirectURLs based upon location and SSID.

To access this feature, select Connect > Connect Experiences > Settings (Ellipsis Icon) > SSIDs  

Multiple Sponsor Email Domains

CMX Connect provides improvements on its Sponsor Portal feature by now allowing multiple accepted email domains. As an administrator, multiple email domains can be configured through comma separated values, enhancing the CMX Sponsor Portal feature experience.


To access this feature, select Connect > Setting > Connect Settings > Sponsor Email Domain.  

Email Authentication 

CMX Connect provides a new authentication path through CMX Email Authentication. Currently offered in conjunction with Connect Vouchers, as an administrator, you can use the Email Authentication Portal feature to require guests to provide an email address for verification when requesting WiFi access. A verification email will be sent to the provided address along with a Connect Voucher. The guest can then authenticate to Wifi by simply entering the Connect Voucher in the guest portal. 

Aug 24, 2016

Direct connect between CMX Cloud to WLC without using external CMX proxy

Starting from Cisco AireOS v8.3 software, Cisco Wireless LAN Controller embedded CMX Cloud connector (CMX Proxy) and establish connection between CMX Cloud.  Customer does not need to prepare separate server or appliance to host CMX Proxy .ova anymore.

For more information click here

This feature requires WLC v8.3 and above. It works with both local and FlexConnect AP.



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