FlexConnect AP Support on Cisco CMX Cloud

  • Does a Flex-connect Access Point communicate through Cisco WLC or directly through Cisco CMX Cloud? FlexConnect AP communicates through Cisco WLC for Authentication. FlexConnect AP is responsible for Policy Plan enforcement such as ACL, Rate-limiting and session timeout. Enforcement message comes from AAA to Cisco WLC, which the Cisco WLC pushes according to the per-user network policy to FlexConnect AP.
  • What are the supported Cisco CMX features on a FlexConnect Access Point? Location, Analytics and Connect are supported. FlexConnect does not support DNS-ACL, and this prohibits some granular preAuth-ACL control.
  • Does a FlexConnect Access Point continue to function even when communication with Cisco WLC is down? - No.  CMX Connect relies on Web Authentication which is handled by Cisco WLC.
  • What are the supported FlexConnect modes? - Both Local Switching and Central Switching are supported.


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