New Social ID Login methods are added - Twitter and LinkedIn

You can now allow users to authenticate themselves at your Guest Portals using their LinkedIn and Twitter  accounts (in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare).  The workflow is as given below:

  • Configure the Social Login Template to include the new Apps.
  • Add the Social Login Template to the Guest Portal. 
  • Create an application on the respective developer page of LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Collect the necessary details as listed below for configuration of the App on Cisco CMX Cloud. Refer to the respective Developer Sections at the end of the article for further information.
    • Twitter (Consumer Key, Consumer Secret)
    • LinkedIn (Client ID, Client Secret)
  • Add an ACL on Cisco WLC to permit data exchange with LinkedIn and Twitter Public APIs.

If you are interested to use this feature, please open a support request to get setup instruction and support.

For more information, see here.


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